E.L.F. Villainous Villains: Evil Queen Day and Night!

Today I am bringing you another one of the looks that I created using the E.L.F. Villainous Villains books. This time, I used the Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes Book. I followed the directions for the eye looks, making minor changes where I saw fit. And here are the finished looks.

Left: Day Evil, Right: Night Villain
For the Day Evil look, I followed the directions for the look exactly. The only change I made was to use the Elf cream eyeliner rather than the liquid liner, simply because I find the cream eyeliner easier to work with. I'm wearing NYC Instant Lash mascara for the day look. For my lips, I used the lip color that came with the book, and I topped it with the elf super glossy lip shine in flirt for some added shine. on my cheeks is the Elf HD blush in superstar.

For the Night look, I again followed the directions exactly. The only change I made was to add a bit of the shimmery brown along my lower lash line, and again to use the cream eyeliner in black. I used two coats of maybelline the falsies mascara for some extra drama. On my lips is the Night lip color from the book. I found these lip colors to be a bit hard, but applied over top of a lip balm they became easier to work with. On top of the lip color, I used Elf Luscious liquid lipstick in bark. On my cheeks is the blush from the Elf contouring blush and bronzing duo in Turks and Caicos.

The directions for these looks were very easy to follow. For the day look, I found the eyeshadows to be less pigmented than I would like, even over top of a primer. The night eyeshadows were very pleasant to work with, pigmented and easily blended. Overall, I do like this book, I just wish the day eyeshadows had been a bit more pigmented.

So what did you think of these looks? Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to be on the lookout for the last looks in this series, the Maleficent Smoky looks!

My Week on Instagram...

Left to right , top to bottom:

1) Polka Dot Nails, see the tutorial here.
2) Polka Dot Toes!
3) A funny photo I found on Facebook :)
4) Floral Nails!
5) Me, my boyfriend and my best friend at a wedding
6) My boyfriend and Reggie sleeping soundly :)
7) Reggie being very classy
8) Popcorn Party in Magaluf
9) A night out in Magaluf
10) My hair for a wedding
11) My two best friends and I ready for the wedding!
12) Rob and I posing
13) Rob and I being papped ;)
14) Posing again
15) Bob from Magaluf :)

Polka Dot Nails

I love to paint my nails, so when I saw bubzbeauty on YouTube do a nail tutorial like the one below, I had to try it out. It is very simple, and if I can do it- anyone can!

Start out with a base coat on clean, filed nails:

The first colour I use is 17 Lasting Fix in 'Orange Soda'. I paint 4 of my nails, and then use Orly 'Ancient Jade' for the ring finger. Paint as many coats as you need, I normally do 2 or 3:

Once this has dried, use a white nail varnish (I used Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener) or you can use another colour that goes well with your base shade.
Place a few blobs of it onto a bit of card or paper, and dip a regular bobby pin into it to create the perfect circle:

This will give you the following effect:

So carry on with all the nails, and finish with a top coat to prevent chipping and ta-da! :

Hope you like this design- I think it is quirky and sooo simple to do!

Get Ready with me

In this video, I did my everyday neutral makeup routine. Then I sped it up and set it to music! I enjoy watching this kind of video, so I hope you enjoy it as well! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't done so already, and like the video if you enjoy it!

NOTD+Sally Hansen Salon effects Review

A while back while I was in a discount store I picked up a box of the Sally Hansen Salon effects real nail polish strips. I finally got around to applying them today, and I thought I would share with you my experience with them, and show you the finished product.

I bought the nail polish strips in the color How Romantic! These are a mosaic design with different shades of pink. I think I remember these particular ones coming out around Valentine's Day. The design isn't exactly fall appropriate, which is probably why I scored these for 2 dollars. Still, I like the look of them, and wanted to try them out.

The box comes with two separate foil packets that each contain 8 nail polish strips. Before I even began this manicure I decided that I was going to use the nail polish strips as accent nails, that way I could get two manicures out of one box of strips. (I ended up using 6 of the 8 strips, and I used NYC nail polish in Fuchsia shock on the other nails- it matches these strips perfectly!)Plus, I figured if I messed it up too badly, I would get another shot at it. The package also includes a wooden stick for pushing back your cuticles and a little file that is used to shape your nails and remove the excess nail polish strip when you are putting them on.

The packaging tells you to make sure that you have clean nails and then to pick the polish strip that will best fit your nail. Ok, so far so good I had no problems with this step. I was able to find polish strips that would work for each of the nails I wanted to use them on. Then it tells you to peel off the clear protective plastic cover. Again, no problems. Then it tells you to peel the nail polish strip from the backing paper. Here's where I encountered my first issue.

Some of the strips came right off the paper backing no trouble at all. Others were stuck tight to it. I don't know if it's because this is an older design, or because I didn't use it right away after I bought it, but I really struggled to get the paper backing off some of the strips. Because of that, the pattern on some of the strips got a bit distorted. It wasn't too bad, but it was the first hiccup I had with applying these.

After you have the nail polish strip off the backing it tells you to break the silver tab off the strip. Here's where I had problem number two. When I did that to the very first one I managed to rip the nail polish strip right in half. Luckily it ripped in a place that I was still able to use it, but still. I was much more careful after that.

Then, it tells you to place strip against the cuticle line, hold strip at center and press the nail strip to the nail, gently stretching the strip to fit. Well, once again I had issues. I had a hard time getting the pattern straight on my nails, and when I stretched the strip to fit, it again distorted the pattern. So with the other strips, to avoid distorting the pattern, I didn't stretch the strip, which then led to bare spots on my nails.

Overall, as you can probably tell, I had a hard time putting these things on. I think it's just because it was my first time, but still. Had I paid full price for these I have seen them in the stores for anywhere between 8 and 10 dollars) I would have been tremendously upset at the results of this manicure. Because I only paid two dollars, I am not too heart broken. For my first experience with these nail strips, I have to say I am not impressed. I still have 6 strips left to try, and I will give those a shot providing that the strips I have on now last. I have a feeling that the first time I stick my hands in dishwater these will peel right off.

So, while I love the idea behind these, I doubt very much if I will be purchasing these again. For the price, these just simply aren't easy enough to work with. Perhaps others would enjoy these and not have the same issues with application that I did, but for me, it's just not worth the trouble. Unless I see a design I absolutely cannot pass up, I will be skipping these from now on!

Sally Hansen Salon effects nail strips in How Romantic!
 and NYC Fuchsia Shock on the other nails

you can see the gaps where the nail polish strip didn't line up right,
 and I didn't want to stretch it and distort the image further

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips? What was your experience with them? did I just get a bad batch, or did I do something wrong? Leave me a comment down below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

Budget Beauty

Right now I am seriously struggling for money, and you know what that well known supermarket says - 'Every Little Helps' and boy does it!!

So, that's what inspired this post; I have always tried to be careful with my money, but recently I have been keeping an eye out for especially thrifty buys! Some of these things I only just bought, others I have had for a while.

First are two items I bought from eBay, the top are concealers, and the bottom are blushers. The concealers are incredibly creamy and give amazing coverage. The blushes are very pigmented and include some beautiful colours. They are both from a seller called tomtop_auction. The concealers are just £0.99 and £1.70 delivery and the blushes are also £0.99 and £2.63 delivery. I think you will agree these are absolutely fantastic prices!

 Next are just three of the massive range of lipsticks by Natural Collection. These lipsticks are under £3 and available from Boots. The three shades I have here are (l-r) Sheer Natural 'Lotus', Moisture Shine 'Sweet Pea' and Moisture Shine 'Rosebud'. All of these colours are very sheer but can be built up as wanted. Minimum price, for maximum impact :)

MUA are a fantastic cheap brand that has some amazingly priced and quality products. Featured in this post are just some that I own- their Mosaic Blush in 'English Rose', which gives a lovely rosy cheek with a bit of shimmer, their Every Lash Mascara which gives great volume and separates lashes, and three of their palettes.
The palettes above are (clockwise from top right) 'Heaven & Earth', 'Dusk Till Dawn' and 'Undressed', then I have swatched some of my favourite colours!
The palettes are just £4 from Superdrug or online and the blush is only £2.50.
I also wanted to include the Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation as it is a brilliant foundation which gives a really nice dewy finish and has a bit of shimmer in it too, and it is under £8! Also, the Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask; I love this cleanser and it doubles up as a weekly face mask too! And it only costs £3.99- you can't argue with that!

So I hope I have shown you that you can have a bit of luxury without breaking the bank and it doesn't cost the earth to look good!

Do any of you have any tips for saving money but not missing out on the beauty products we all love?

A Week in Pictures - Fifteen Street Food Festival

A few snaps from Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Street Food Festival. Hosted by Jamie Oliver's Fifteen as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, Fifteen Street featured the 2012 British Street Food Awards, Ginstock andRumstock. Street food vendors from all around the country parked up in Hoxton, on the cobbled streets outside Fifteen and went head to head to win an award. We obviously tasted most of the street food on offer, amongst my favourite was the scallop cream tea (scallop, whipped butter, piquant strawberry sauce on a scone - bottom left) and a brownie baked in a horse box! We will definitely be visiting again next year.

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

On my never ending search for a dark circle eraser and eye firming, wrinkle removing eye cream all in one miracle thingy I came across Clinique's Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, which is supposedly a treatment for dark circles not purely a mask.

They say 
NEW Even Better Eyes has the power to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area. Plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent and the cooling massage tip refreshes tired-looking eyes. Optics instantly brighten all skins, fair to deep.
    I say
    It is a good eye cream, not amazing but good. The cooling metal tip isn't the best invention in the world, after using it on one eye to smooth in the cream it is warm by the time I get to the other eye which kind of defeats the object. Anyway the actual eye cream is oil free and gorgeous and soft, velvety even, it does feel great on the skin, although it settles in fine lines. I'm not sure about plumping but it is certainly hydrating, the skin under my eyes are definitely less crepey. It is a peachy colour, yet doesn't provide any coverage just a few light reflecting particles. I've been using it twice a day as recommended and haven't seen any noticeable change in the dark circles, maybe it is more of a long term thing? Make up doesn't sit that well over the top either.
    Overall I like this eye cream, I think it over promises a little though, but to be fair I think nothing short of a miracle would be the only thing to erase my very dark circles combined with a newborn stealing all my sleep.

    Clinique's Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector is £28 for 10ml and you can buy it here.

    E.L.F. Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow review and swatches

    I have quite a few reviews coming up on the blog soon. I asked on the Budget Beauty Facebook page which review you would like to see first, and someone said the review for pressed mineral eyeshadow. So here ya go!

    Not too long ago, Elf was having a deal on their website. If you purchased 20 dollars worth of products, you could use a coupon code and get 20 dollars worth of products from their mineral line for free. I did not have any experience with Elf's mineral line of products (except for a couple of brushes that I have received in myster bags, or as free gifts) so I jumped at the chance. I was most intrigued by their newest product in the mineral line, the pressed mineral eyeshadows. I have always heard great things about their mineral eyeshadows, but had never jumped on the bandwagon because I am really not a fan of loose shadows. They are messy, and I tend to have a hard time working with them. So, when they released the pressed ones, I was eager to try them, and this deal seemed like the perfect opportunity.

    I purchased 5 of the 10. I got Disco DJ, a light silvery grey. Lunch Break, a mid toned brown with a satin finish. Out all Night, a dark gunmetal grey. What's your name?, a taupe-y purple color. And lastly, Wine tour another taupe-y purple-y color with lots of Gold shimmer.

    I was really excited to get these. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how small these seemed. The packaging is about as big around as a 50 cent piece, and not very tall at all. I don't know why, but I was expecting it to be bigger. So, I checked their website and they say there is actually 3 G worth of product, so that's a lot for a single eyeshadow, in my opinion. I guess it's just because the packaging isn't super bulky, so my eyes were deceived.

    Speaking of packaging, these eyeshadows are packaged very nicely. It's a simple, round case, that is black, with a clear window so you can see the product inside. It's nice and sturdy, again, without being bulky. I like it!

    Disco DJ, Lunch Break, Out all Night, What's your name? Wine Tour

    Now let's get on to the actual products. I was so excited when I swatched these. They swatched beautifully. Quite pigmented, and really soft and easy to work with, with minimal fall out.

    top: Disco DJ, Lunch Break, Out all Night bottom: What's your name?, Wine Tour (with Flash)

    The same as above, no flash

    But, when I started working with these eyeshadows, putting my brushes into them and applying them to my eye, I have to say, I was disappointed. Despite the promising swatches, these colors did not come off bright and pigmented on the eye. Instead, they came off quite sheer and needed to be built up a LOT to get them to show up on my eyes, even with a primer. Now, I can deal with that I am sued to having to work a little bit with products, especially when they are so inexpensive. But, then I started blending. They blended easily, don't get me wrong. They are quite soft. But these blended away to nothing. Whenever I tried to blend these eyeshadows they disappeared, causing me to have to add more and more product. And then, after all the trouble putting them on, and making them look nice, they faded away after just a few hours of wear. They didn't crease, or transfer. They just faded away. And when I tried to apply them wet. I am not sure if this is the type of product you can apply wet or not, but I figured It was worth a shot. That was a disaster. They applied patchy and uneven wet, and the water that I used to wet my brush changed the texture of the eyeshadow in the pan a bit too.

    Like I said, I have no experience with mineral eyeshadows. Maybe the natural ingredients and dyes make them less pigmented and not as long lasting as a rule, and I am just expecting too much from these eyeshadows. I don't know. I love the colors. Especially "Wine Tour" and "Lunch Break", but these just aren't worth the trouble with application and the fading for me. I am glad I didn't pay for them. I know, they only cost #3.00. But, there are so many other great products from Elf with that same price point, and even less, that it seems a shame to spend even 3 dollars on a product that just doesn't work.

    Unfortunately I cannot recommend these products. They are okay. And if mineral makeup is important to you, and you don't mind working a little harder to apply your makeup, then I would say go ahead and give these a try. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. But, otherwise, stick with some of the other eyeshadows from Elf! Maybe try the loose mineral eyeshadows. Like I said, I haven't tried those, but I have heard great things about them!

    My "I'm Sick" makeup routine

    My family has been sick with colds all week. I haven't felt like doing much in the way of makeup for everyday, so this is the look that I have been going to lately. I hope you enjoy this!

    Products Used:
    Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencil in JuJu
    NYC Instant Lash Mascara
    Elf eyebrow kit in Medium
    Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
    NYC Smooth Skin liquid Makeup in barely beige
    Elf tone correcting concealer in Light Beige
    Elf maximum coverage concealer in Nude
    NYC Smooth skin translucent pressed powder
    NYC smooth skin bronzing powder in sunny
    Elf blush in Pink Passion
    Elf Golden Bronzer
    Maybelline Babylips in Cherry Me

    Let me know what you think! And be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos!

    E.L.F. Villainous Villains: Cruella Day and Night!

    Some of you said you were interested in seeing looks from the E.L.F. Villainous Villain collection and I was happy to oblige. First up is the Cruella Everyday Eyes book. I followed the instructions in the book to create both a day eye and a night eye. I used only the eyeshadows from the book. I did not sure the lip and cheek colors, because I wanted to out my own spin on the looks. I didn't use the eyelid primer from the book, because I already have an Elf eyelid primer open, and I used that. I also didn't use the liquid eyeliner from the book, because again, I already have a black Elf liquid eyeliner open. So let me show you the looks and then I will tell you a bit about them.

    Left: Day Evil Right: Night Villain
    The instructions for the day look called for the eyes to be lined in liquid eyeliner. I find liquid eyeliner to be pretty harsh for daytime, so I switched it up and used cream eyeliner, which gives the same basic effect only it's a lot easier to control and a bit softer of a look. I used the NYC Instant Lash mascara for some length! I used the Elf HD blush in headliner to add a nice peachy flush to my cheeks. And I finished it off with the NYC lipstick in Violet Shine and a bit of Elf super glossy lip shine in Cherry.

    The night look called for liquid eyeliner and this time I did just that. I struggle with liquid eyeliner and making it look neat and even, but I did my best! I used two coats of Maybelline the Falsies mascara for that extra drama. One again, I chose to use lip and cheek coilors from my collection rather than the book. I used the Elf Studio powder blush in Peachy Keen on my cheeks, and I did some light overall bronzing with NYC sunny bronzer. On my lips I am wearing Elf Mineral Lipstick in Party Pink with Elf super glossy lip shine in Pink Pop on top.

    So that's that. Overall I really like the looks that I was able to create following the directions from the books. The day look in a natural look with a subtle sage green wash of color. The Night look is a smokier neutral eye. I really enjoy the texture of these eyeshadows. I was able to blend everything very easily, and the looks each came together quite quickly. I can't wait to try the other books and see what the results will be!

    I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think!

    p.s. Quick questions...Do you like the way that I have been doing photos lately, where I create a collage of photos? Or would you prefer I go back to posting individual photos? Leave me a comment letting me know!

    Nail of the Day: Elf Copper!

    I have mentioned a few times lately that I have really been craving a bronze nail polish! I bought this one hoping it would fill that need. It didn't- I am still craving that deep bronze color. But I LOVE this nail polish! The application was so smooth. The color was opaque in two coats, and it's got a great metallic finish! It's not bronze, but it's quickly becoming a new favorite!

    Base Coat: none
    Nail color: Elf nail polish in Copper
    Top Coat- OPI insta-dri top coat

    Hi-tops - Topshop v Isabel Marant

    I love hi-tops, and after convincing myself I wasn't too old for them (!) I decided to take the plunge and buy a nice safe black pair. After having them for a week I must say I don't know what I did without them. They are uber comfy, and add a bit of height and chicness to my normal leggings mummy uniform.
    I would love love love the original Isabel Marant pair but for now these Topshop ones for £48 will do.

    The real mccoy Isabel Marants

    Topshop Hi-tops - love

    As seen on my new style crush Elle Ferguson on instagram @elle_ferguson

    E.L.F. Disney Villainous Villains collection

    About a month ago I started hearing murmuring that Elf was going to be doing a collection of their beauty books that would pay homage to the best of the Disney Villains. Then, the murmuring became a scream of excitement when it was said that they would be released as a walgreens exclusive item! So, on the day that these babies were set to be released, I drug my husband out the door and we were on a mission to find them. See, these books are super limited edition. Apparently only 5000 walgreens stores were going to be getting them in, and even then only in a very limited quantity. So we checked all the local walgreens and none of these beautiful books could be found. So, feeling very disappointed, I went home.

    My husband told me that while he was out and about at work he would stop in to a few other walgreens if he had the chance. And the following day, he had a bit of luck. One of the stores that he stopped at had actually heard of these books! And they were supposed to be getting them in, she just wasn't sure when. So she took down my husband's name and phone number and said that she would call him when they came in. The very next day he got the call, and she was kind enough to set aside the books for me. Which was incredibly nice of her considering the display only came with nine of the books. That's 3 of each book. WOW! I knew they would be available in limited quantities, but this was crazy! When my husband got there to pick up the ones she had kindly set aside for me, the books were all sold out! So, if these hadn't been set aside for me, I never would have gotten them before they sold out!

    Anyway, that's the story of how I finally got these in my hands! It took a total of three days, and visits to 6 different walgreens stores. But, I finally have them to show you!

    Before I get into photos and swatches, let me tell you a little about these books.

    From Elf's Website:

    Do you dare to be villainous? Each Limited Edition Disney Villainous Villains Makeup Book is a collectible makeup set that is sure to reflect your gorgeously evil inner diva, featuring the infamous Disney Villains: Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Evil Queen from Snow White and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

    Each all-in-one book includes the must-have makeup essentials and a step-by-step guide to create your favorite Disney villain look for both day and night, so you can be beautifully wicked for any occasion.

    Each book includes:
    8 Eyeshadows
    2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils
    1 Eyeshadow Primer
    1 Liquid Eyeliner
    1 set of False Eyelashes
    1 Lash Adhesive Glue
    1 Built-in Mirror

    Now let me give you a closer look at each book!

    Cruella Evil Everyday Eyes

    Cruella's book is all about creating an everyday eye look. The book contains the follwing eyeshadows:
    (for the Day Evil look)
    puppy love- a matte cream color
    coat of dreams- a shimmery champagne color
    cruelly- a satin sage green
    sewage- a shimmery mid toned brown

    (For the Night Villain look)
    spoiled- a shimmery cream color
    maniac- a shimmery brown with golden undertones
    little beasts- a matte brown
    extinction- a shimmery dark brown

    The book also includes 2 eye and cheek color pencils. The day Evil one is a baby pink color, and the night villain one is a bright Red. You also get an eye primer and a liquid eyeliner in Black. You also get a set of false eyelashes and a tube of lash glue.

    A really neat feature of these books is that they give you a guide and detailed instructions so that you can create the villain's makeup looks.

    Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes

    The Evil Queen book is all about creating a dramatic eye look. Of the three books, the pigmentation on the eyeshadows for this was were the most disappointing. I am sure that with a primer and/or base these colors would show up better, but I swatched on bare skin and some of the colors barely show up, as you can see from the picture below.

    The eyeshadow colors in this book are as follows:
    (Day Evil)
    One bite- a yellow toned cream with satin finish
    vanity- a matte cream color
    narcissist- a satin lilac color
    potion- A deep Satin plum color

    (Night Villain)
    Fairest of the land- a Satin White
    Majesty- a mid toned purple with a satin finish
    peddlers Cloak- a shimmery brown
    poison apple- a matte black

    The lip and cheek color pencils in this one are a purple-y pink and a red. the eyeliner is black, and you also get an eye primer, a set of false lashes and a tube of lash glue

    And, once again, a guide on how to create a day look

    And a night look

    Maleficent Sinister Smoky Eyes

    The Maleficent book is all about creating a smoky eye. This is the book I was most excited about getting my hands on. The pigmentation is good on this one, and I think it will make a gorgeous look!

    The eyeshadows in this book are:
    (Day Evil)
    Spindle: a satin light pink
    sceptre- a shimmery champagne with some gold undertones
    fog of doom- a mid-toned blue
    fauna- a blue grey satin color

    (Night Villain)
    misfortune- a silvery grey
    Forest of Thorns- a gunmetal grey with silver shimmer
    deep sleep- a mid-toned purple
    diablo- a matte black

    Unlike the other two, this one comes with a shimmer liquid eyeliner, which i could not get to show up in the swatch photos but that is quite pretty. the cheek and lip color pencils in this one are a berry shade, and a plum shade. This book also, like the others comes with a eye primer, a set of false lashes and a tube of lash glue

    And a step by step guide to creating a day appropriate smoky look

    and a night look

    One last photo to show you how the books looks when it is entirely opened up:

    so that is an up close and personal look at the 3 beauty books in the E.L.F. villainous villains Collection. I hope you all enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see the finished looks from the how-to portion of the book in upcoming face of the days!

    Blue eyeshadow look!

    I NEVER wear blue eyeshadow. I just don't. I find that oftentimes blue eyeshadow makes me look like I am stuck in a bad 80's movie. And while I love 80's movies, I don't want to look like I stepped out of one. However, I was playing around with a couple of products from Elf ( I know, shocker, right?) trying to come up with ideas for halloween looks. I was going for a mermaid eye, but came up with something that I find quite wearable, despite my disdain for blue eyeshadows! So, I scrapped the idea for the halloween look (at least for now, check back here on my blog in October for some fun halloween tutorials!) and decided to share this wearable blue eyeshadow
    look! I hope you all enjoy!

    Products used:
    Elf duo eyeshadow cream in blueberry
    Elf brightening eye color quads in Ocean Dreams and Teal Dream
    Elf shimmer eyeliner pencil in Twinkle Teal
    Elf liquid eyeliner in Black
    Maybelline the Falsies Mascara

    If you would like a tutorial for this look, leave me a comment below and let me know! What do you think of this blue look?

    Elf HD Blushes: First Impressions and swatches

    I have been eagerly awaiting the release of these HD blushes. Elf has been teasing me for a while now with photos of these upcoming products. And so as soon as they said they were available for purchase I jumped up and down like an excited little school girl and placed an order. I ALMOST ordered all 5. But, I was able to control myself and bought only 2 to start. That way if they turned out to be duds, I wouldn't be too disappointed. Well, I am disappointed that I did not buy all 5. I LOVE these.

    I bought the two lightest shades on the bunch. Headliner and Superstar.

    Headliner is a light pink very natural blush. Superstar is a peachy pink blush that is a bit darker than Headliner, but still quite natural.

    My first impression of these blushes when I opened my package was WOW those are tiny! They really are. The packaging on these is about as big around as the Elf all over color sticks, if you are familiar with those. And about as tall as a lipstick. And that's with the cap on. They are SMALL!

    So at first glance I was pretty disappointed. I imagined them to be bigger. Closer to the size of, say, a foundation. But, don't let it's little size fool you. These blushes are amazing. The product is so pigmented that it literally takes the tiniest little drop of product per cheek. In fact, the first time I tried to swatch it, I used about a half a pump of product and it was enough to do my face and about 3 other faces! haha.

    So after I washed off the mess I made with the way too much product swatches, I did the tiniest little dots of product to see how that would work.

    Then I blended it out:

    Headliner on the left, Superstar on the right

    As you can see those little dots of product blended out to a beautiful natural flush of color. Obviously you could add more and build it up to whatever coverage you want. But, I just love this natural little flush of color.

    Now, I haven't worn either of these blushes on my face yet, so I cannot comment on wear time. These swatches were done with my fingers, and these blushes blended out nicely that way. they didn't drag and the product did not build up in one spot. I think that they will blend nicely with a stipple brush as well. But I will have to comment on that when I do my full review later on. I just wanted to give you all my first impressions, as well as some swatches. All of the swatches of these products I have seen are big, thick goopy swatches, and I thought it might be helpful for you all to see what the product looked like completely blended.

    Let me know if you have any question or comments, and be on the lookout for the full review on this product after I have been using it for a while!