E.L.F. Villainous Villains: Cruella Day and Night!

Some of you said you were interested in seeing looks from the E.L.F. Villainous Villain collection and I was happy to oblige. First up is the Cruella Everyday Eyes book. I followed the instructions in the book to create both a day eye and a night eye. I used only the eyeshadows from the book. I did not sure the lip and cheek colors, because I wanted to out my own spin on the looks. I didn't use the eyelid primer from the book, because I already have an Elf eyelid primer open, and I used that. I also didn't use the liquid eyeliner from the book, because again, I already have a black Elf liquid eyeliner open. So let me show you the looks and then I will tell you a bit about them.

Left: Day Evil Right: Night Villain
The instructions for the day look called for the eyes to be lined in liquid eyeliner. I find liquid eyeliner to be pretty harsh for daytime, so I switched it up and used cream eyeliner, which gives the same basic effect only it's a lot easier to control and a bit softer of a look. I used the NYC Instant Lash mascara for some length! I used the Elf HD blush in headliner to add a nice peachy flush to my cheeks. And I finished it off with the NYC lipstick in Violet Shine and a bit of Elf super glossy lip shine in Cherry.

The night look called for liquid eyeliner and this time I did just that. I struggle with liquid eyeliner and making it look neat and even, but I did my best! I used two coats of Maybelline the Falsies mascara for that extra drama. One again, I chose to use lip and cheek coilors from my collection rather than the book. I used the Elf Studio powder blush in Peachy Keen on my cheeks, and I did some light overall bronzing with NYC sunny bronzer. On my lips I am wearing Elf Mineral Lipstick in Party Pink with Elf super glossy lip shine in Pink Pop on top.

So that's that. Overall I really like the looks that I was able to create following the directions from the books. The day look in a natural look with a subtle sage green wash of color. The Night look is a smokier neutral eye. I really enjoy the texture of these eyeshadows. I was able to blend everything very easily, and the looks each came together quite quickly. I can't wait to try the other books and see what the results will be!

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