Meet Reggie!

Today it is a slow day in the office so I thought i would introduce you all to my new family member..Reggie =) We got him from Bristol and Wales Cat Home and he is now 10 weeks old.

He is sooo gorgeous and affectionate!

Amber is not a fan I will be honest...there have been growls and hisses on both parts but we are getting there slowly.
Yesterday when I got home (we keep Reggie upstairs and Amber downstairs at the moment) they had a little 'touch noses kiss' when they saw eachother...which was quickly followed by a large hiss from Amber, but's progress!
I am sure Reggie will be appearing in many of my YouTube videos in the future, but for now I just wanted you all to see him on here =)
So hope you all are well, and I will see you soon xxx