Elf HD Blushes: First Impressions and swatches

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of these HD blushes. Elf has been teasing me for a while now with photos of these upcoming products. And so as soon as they said they were available for purchase I jumped up and down like an excited little school girl and placed an order. I ALMOST ordered all 5. But, I was able to control myself and bought only 2 to start. That way if they turned out to be duds, I wouldn't be too disappointed. Well, I am disappointed that I did not buy all 5. I LOVE these.

I bought the two lightest shades on the bunch. Headliner and Superstar.

Headliner is a light pink very natural blush. Superstar is a peachy pink blush that is a bit darker than Headliner, but still quite natural.

My first impression of these blushes when I opened my package was WOW those are tiny! They really are. The packaging on these is about as big around as the Elf all over color sticks, if you are familiar with those. And about as tall as a lipstick. And that's with the cap on. They are SMALL!

So at first glance I was pretty disappointed. I imagined them to be bigger. Closer to the size of, say, a foundation. But, don't let it's little size fool you. These blushes are amazing. The product is so pigmented that it literally takes the tiniest little drop of product per cheek. In fact, the first time I tried to swatch it, I used about a half a pump of product and it was enough to do my face and about 3 other faces! haha.

So after I washed off the mess I made with the way too much product swatches, I did the tiniest little dots of product to see how that would work.

Then I blended it out:

Headliner on the left, Superstar on the right

As you can see those little dots of product blended out to a beautiful natural flush of color. Obviously you could add more and build it up to whatever coverage you want. But, I just love this natural little flush of color.

Now, I haven't worn either of these blushes on my face yet, so I cannot comment on wear time. These swatches were done with my fingers, and these blushes blended out nicely that way. they didn't drag and the product did not build up in one spot. I think that they will blend nicely with a stipple brush as well. But I will have to comment on that when I do my full review later on. I just wanted to give you all my first impressions, as well as some swatches. All of the swatches of these products I have seen are big, thick goopy swatches, and I thought it might be helpful for you all to see what the product looked like completely blended.

Let me know if you have any question or comments, and be on the lookout for the full review on this product after I have been using it for a while!

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