E.L.F. Disney Villainous Villains collection

About a month ago I started hearing murmuring that Elf was going to be doing a collection of their beauty books that would pay homage to the best of the Disney Villains. Then, the murmuring became a scream of excitement when it was said that they would be released as a walgreens exclusive item! So, on the day that these babies were set to be released, I drug my husband out the door and we were on a mission to find them. See, these books are super limited edition. Apparently only 5000 walgreens stores were going to be getting them in, and even then only in a very limited quantity. So we checked all the local walgreens and none of these beautiful books could be found. So, feeling very disappointed, I went home.

My husband told me that while he was out and about at work he would stop in to a few other walgreens if he had the chance. And the following day, he had a bit of luck. One of the stores that he stopped at had actually heard of these books! And they were supposed to be getting them in, she just wasn't sure when. So she took down my husband's name and phone number and said that she would call him when they came in. The very next day he got the call, and she was kind enough to set aside the books for me. Which was incredibly nice of her considering the display only came with nine of the books. That's 3 of each book. WOW! I knew they would be available in limited quantities, but this was crazy! When my husband got there to pick up the ones she had kindly set aside for me, the books were all sold out! So, if these hadn't been set aside for me, I never would have gotten them before they sold out!

Anyway, that's the story of how I finally got these in my hands! It took a total of three days, and visits to 6 different walgreens stores. But, I finally have them to show you!

Before I get into photos and swatches, let me tell you a little about these books.

From Elf's Website:

Do you dare to be villainous? Each Limited Edition Disney Villainous Villains Makeup Book is a collectible makeup set that is sure to reflect your gorgeously evil inner diva, featuring the infamous Disney Villains: Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Evil Queen from Snow White and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

Each all-in-one book includes the must-have makeup essentials and a step-by-step guide to create your favorite Disney villain look for both day and night, so you can be beautifully wicked for any occasion.

Each book includes:
8 Eyeshadows
2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils
1 Eyeshadow Primer
1 Liquid Eyeliner
1 set of False Eyelashes
1 Lash Adhesive Glue
1 Built-in Mirror

Now let me give you a closer look at each book!

Cruella Evil Everyday Eyes

Cruella's book is all about creating an everyday eye look. The book contains the follwing eyeshadows:
(for the Day Evil look)
puppy love- a matte cream color
coat of dreams- a shimmery champagne color
cruelly- a satin sage green
sewage- a shimmery mid toned brown

(For the Night Villain look)
spoiled- a shimmery cream color
maniac- a shimmery brown with golden undertones
little beasts- a matte brown
extinction- a shimmery dark brown

The book also includes 2 eye and cheek color pencils. The day Evil one is a baby pink color, and the night villain one is a bright Red. You also get an eye primer and a liquid eyeliner in Black. You also get a set of false eyelashes and a tube of lash glue.

A really neat feature of these books is that they give you a guide and detailed instructions so that you can create the villain's makeup looks.

Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes

The Evil Queen book is all about creating a dramatic eye look. Of the three books, the pigmentation on the eyeshadows for this was were the most disappointing. I am sure that with a primer and/or base these colors would show up better, but I swatched on bare skin and some of the colors barely show up, as you can see from the picture below.

The eyeshadow colors in this book are as follows:
(Day Evil)
One bite- a yellow toned cream with satin finish
vanity- a matte cream color
narcissist- a satin lilac color
potion- A deep Satin plum color

(Night Villain)
Fairest of the land- a Satin White
Majesty- a mid toned purple with a satin finish
peddlers Cloak- a shimmery brown
poison apple- a matte black

The lip and cheek color pencils in this one are a purple-y pink and a red. the eyeliner is black, and you also get an eye primer, a set of false lashes and a tube of lash glue

And, once again, a guide on how to create a day look

And a night look

Maleficent Sinister Smoky Eyes

The Maleficent book is all about creating a smoky eye. This is the book I was most excited about getting my hands on. The pigmentation is good on this one, and I think it will make a gorgeous look!

The eyeshadows in this book are:
(Day Evil)
Spindle: a satin light pink
sceptre- a shimmery champagne with some gold undertones
fog of doom- a mid-toned blue
fauna- a blue grey satin color

(Night Villain)
misfortune- a silvery grey
Forest of Thorns- a gunmetal grey with silver shimmer
deep sleep- a mid-toned purple
diablo- a matte black

Unlike the other two, this one comes with a shimmer liquid eyeliner, which i could not get to show up in the swatch photos but that is quite pretty. the cheek and lip color pencils in this one are a berry shade, and a plum shade. This book also, like the others comes with a eye primer, a set of false lashes and a tube of lash glue

And a step by step guide to creating a day appropriate smoky look

and a night look

One last photo to show you how the books looks when it is entirely opened up:

so that is an up close and personal look at the 3 beauty books in the E.L.F. villainous villains Collection. I hope you all enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see the finished looks from the how-to portion of the book in upcoming face of the days!

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