NYC City Proof Extended Wear Lip Gloss Review!

So I was at my Target and was perusing the cosmetics isles as I normally do and I stumbled across these NYC City Proof Extended Wear Lip Glosses.  They CLAIM to last UP to 8 hours.  Well, as a lip gloss junkie- I decided to put these to the challenge.  I decided to put this on and take hour by hour pictures to see if they indeed lasted the length of time they claim- or if it was all just HYPE.  I picked up two colors- Blush Forever and Cherry Ever After.  The Blush Forever is a nice light to medium pink with almost a peach hint to it.  It also has silver sparkles in it.  The Cherry Ever After is a punchy red.  Its REALLY pretty.  Even though its red, its suitable for day wear since it sheers out.  It has a strange smell to it though.  Its like chemically sweet.  Like an artificially sweet Starburst- I still cant tell if I like it or not.
Cherry Ever After on the left and Blush Forever on the right

Cherry Ever After swatch

Blush Forever  swatch

So I put on the Cherry Ever After and took a picture to see how it was wearing and if it would indeed have some lasting power.  

This is the initial application
one hour later
Three hours later

So as you can see, after three hours it was pretty much done for.  I did have a bit of peeling of my lips- which is somewhat normal when you have something on your lips for that long.  My lips weren't stained though- which with red is nice.  I ate, drank and was merry!  I wanted to wear it as I normally would.  So does it last 8 hours- nope.  Is it a decent gloss?  Yeah actually.  Not too thick.  Not too sticky.  Decent color payoff.  I'm not running out to buy another one but I will definitely use the ones I bought.  Over all I would give it a B.    I purchased these for $3 at Target.

Gorgeous Hannah!

Ah, Prom....seems like just yesterday.  No, no it doesnt.  It seems like a LONG time ago!  :)

I had the HONOR of doing my sweet friend Hannah's makeup for prom today!  First of all, she is absolutely stunning- so she needed very little help.  She has an AMAZING bronze dress to wear tonight, so we wanted to keep everything completely natural and easy.  Take a look for yourself!  She is amazing and I am so glad I got to do this with her!

She is so STRIKING- isn't she?!

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos!!!

OK- So it is VERY VERY seldom that I find a product that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I go back and pick up one of every color.  VERY SELDOM.  Well my friend...this is my new obsession.  It's the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos.  They are AMAZING.  I really cant say enough good things about them.  They are a really rich cream shadow.  They blend amazingly, they don't crease, they can be built up for a more potent color- I LOVE them.  I currently only have five of the ten they make.  I have Too Cool (white), Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe and Tenacious Teal- Don't you just love their names too?!  

Swatches of all the colors in moderate sunlight

The new addition to my obsession- Tough as Taupe!  My first matte.

I honestly use these everyday.  No seriously- everyday.  I use them alone for quick look, I layer with powder shadows, I blend them together, I use as an eye shadow base- you name it, I do it!  If you have ever used the MAC paint pots, these are the same thing.  Not color wise, but the idea is completely the same-and a FIFTH of the price!!  If I had to pick just one...I personally couldn't live without the Bold Gold.  I am enamored with gold though.  If I were recommending one to someone else, I would say the Bad to the Bronze or the Tough as Taupe.  They are the most universally flattering.  At $5 dollars, you should really consider picking them up- they will rock your eye lids in ways you never imagined possible.


So Target sucks me in and holds me close....I LOVE Target.  It is really dangerous that they have one so close!  I went to go pick up some E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) products because #1 they ROCK and #2 they are a DEAL!  They dont have anything priced over $6!  Most items are $1 or $3!  I got a $3 flat kabuki brush, a $3 Mineral Infused Mascara and a $1 Clear Mascara and brow gel.  I am always surprised with how well their stuff works for such an affordable price!  I haven't used their Mineral Infused Mascara before.  It set me back $3 and the brush looks really similar to the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lash that I heart SO much. I have told you all about my quest for great brushes- and my LOVE for synthetic brushes.  I dont think you should have to skin a badger for a makeup brush.  (Im dead serious- skin a badger)  I LOVE this brush- It's my second.  I wanted to pick one up to experiment with summer contouring.  New season- new fun colors! 

Here are all 3 of the fun ELF things I got!

A Silicon brush to keep from clumping and (hopefully) adding lots of volume!

I'm really hoping this one turns out!

Brow Gel Bristles

Clear mascara side

One side for lashes and one for brows

It's actually a good full size brush!

It's really densely packed too!

It's a great flat top brush

And SUPER soft! (and $3!!)
Have you ever tried ELF products?  What was your experience?  I want to try their HD foundation.  It's $6!!  People are comparing it to the Make Up For Ever HD foundation that is over $40!  I think that I will have to try it out after I run out of my favorite- Revlon Photo Ready.  Anyway- hope your day is full of sunshine and smiles!!

What to try?!

OK, so I have heard some "buzz" on some new mass market brands that I think I am going to try out.  I have heard a lot about the  L'Oreal Infallible eye shadow, the Hard Candy colored mascaras and the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush.  

I am excited to try the L'Oreal eye shadow #1 because I heart eye shadow- #2- it comes in some really awesome shades (GOLD?!  Me likey- Gotta have it!) and #3 its SHINY- and I'm like a toddler that way- I get easily distracted by shiny objects.  I have heard that these are best applied damp with a paddle style brush...we shall see.

Now the Hard Candy thing kind of threw me for a loop!  Back in the day, when I was in high school (dating myself now) Hard Candy was carried at Dillard's and was PRICEY for my high school self.  I remember drooling over their nail polishes and freaking over all their fun colors.  

WELL- now you can find Hard Candy at WALMART!  

Not only is it FAR more accessible, but its REALLY reasonably priced!  Seriously- $5 for mascara?!  Don't mind if I do.  Hard Candy is still geared toward the younger crowd who tends to be more experimental with colors....I may not be young, BUT I LOVE COLOR!  Seriously- look at that cobalt blue! I smile just looking at it!  Where do you wear cobalt blue mascara you may ask....EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE!  Be BOLD!

Finally, The Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush....This one kind of threw me too!  I LOVES me some cream blush- I am ADDICTED to NYX in Hot Pink and Mac in Sweet William.  They look more natural and dewy than powder blush.  They do take some getting used to....but back to the point- Maybelline.  OK- so the concept may be a little kitchy- its a cream blush with a spongy texture.  I have heard that these are fun though.  I think the coral shall be mine as coral and orange are "THE COLORS OF THE SEASON".  (And it's my 4 year old's favorite color- he is VERY vocal about how I choose to style myself)  

I'm sad to let go of plum lipstick and navy eye shadow but I'm excited for spring.  What are YOU trying for spring?  A new color?  A new formula- like tinted moisturizer rather than foundation?  I tend to lighten up color wise but I keep my basics generally the same.  I'm SO excited to rock posy colored lips and corals all season long...along with flowers popping up and the sun shining more.  I'm also looking forward to short sleeves, less layering and not having to pack 75 blankets for a trip to Walmart...for the baby, not me.  What would YOU like me to try?  What products have peaked YOUR interest?  Let me know!  Comment below!

So WHY Budget Beauty Mama?!

Kind of a strange name to choose for a beauty blog- especially for someone who is somewhat experienced in the beauty world.  Well- I have spent the last 6 years having and raising three amazing children.  Guess what?  KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE!  No really, $45 for a box of diapers and $35 for a can of formula?!  I used to drop that kind of cash on a blush or on an eye shadow pallet....not so much any more.  

The good news is that many drugstore or mass market brands have really stepped up to the plate in both selection and quality.  12 years ago when I started out in "the biz" MAC cosmetics was the only brand with knock out pigmentation, a range of finishes and colors that would make your mind boggle.  Now, you can really find some fantastic stuff if you do some trial and error.  SO....In comes- ME!  I have the experience of technique, color work and education mixed with the search for awesome brands that duplicate your desired look for less!  Who doesn't want that?!  

The most commonly asked question I get asked is:  "How did you get involved with this?"  The answer is a little more emotional than some might imagine.  I actually started in FRONT of the camera.  I was a model and beauty pageant queen.  As I grew up- I got bigger- like plus size.  Back in the 90's- that wasn't as fashionable as it is now.  So....I got hooked on eye shadow and lip gloss because- no matter how big you are- they always fit.  It grew into a love- I could transform myself with cosmetics.  It wasn't just an external transformation- it was internal.  

I gained a confidence within myself because I found something that I was not only enjoyed- but I was pretty darn good at!  At the end of the day, at the end of my workshops and the end of each blog post- that is what I want for YOU.  I want YOU to find a confidence within yourself- a skill that you have learned and that can help you feel AWESOME.  I don't care if you are 15 or 75, a size 2 or a size 32, blonde or brunette- I want you to embrace your beautiful face and your awesome features and learn how to showcase them to make them SHINE!  


Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since my last video- I don't have any Internet so I've recorded videos but uploading is proving difficult!

Hope you are all okay though :-) xxx