So WHY Budget Beauty Mama?!

Kind of a strange name to choose for a beauty blog- especially for someone who is somewhat experienced in the beauty world.  Well- I have spent the last 6 years having and raising three amazing children.  Guess what?  KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE!  No really, $45 for a box of diapers and $35 for a can of formula?!  I used to drop that kind of cash on a blush or on an eye shadow pallet....not so much any more.  

The good news is that many drugstore or mass market brands have really stepped up to the plate in both selection and quality.  12 years ago when I started out in "the biz" MAC cosmetics was the only brand with knock out pigmentation, a range of finishes and colors that would make your mind boggle.  Now, you can really find some fantastic stuff if you do some trial and error.  SO....In comes- ME!  I have the experience of technique, color work and education mixed with the search for awesome brands that duplicate your desired look for less!  Who doesn't want that?!  

The most commonly asked question I get asked is:  "How did you get involved with this?"  The answer is a little more emotional than some might imagine.  I actually started in FRONT of the camera.  I was a model and beauty pageant queen.  As I grew up- I got bigger- like plus size.  Back in the 90's- that wasn't as fashionable as it is now.  So....I got hooked on eye shadow and lip gloss because- no matter how big you are- they always fit.  It grew into a love- I could transform myself with cosmetics.  It wasn't just an external transformation- it was internal.  

I gained a confidence within myself because I found something that I was not only enjoyed- but I was pretty darn good at!  At the end of the day, at the end of my workshops and the end of each blog post- that is what I want for YOU.  I want YOU to find a confidence within yourself- a skill that you have learned and that can help you feel AWESOME.  I don't care if you are 15 or 75, a size 2 or a size 32, blonde or brunette- I want you to embrace your beautiful face and your awesome features and learn how to showcase them to make them SHINE!  

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