NYC City Proof Extended Wear Lip Gloss Review!

So I was at my Target and was perusing the cosmetics isles as I normally do and I stumbled across these NYC City Proof Extended Wear Lip Glosses.  They CLAIM to last UP to 8 hours.  Well, as a lip gloss junkie- I decided to put these to the challenge.  I decided to put this on and take hour by hour pictures to see if they indeed lasted the length of time they claim- or if it was all just HYPE.  I picked up two colors- Blush Forever and Cherry Ever After.  The Blush Forever is a nice light to medium pink with almost a peach hint to it.  It also has silver sparkles in it.  The Cherry Ever After is a punchy red.  Its REALLY pretty.  Even though its red, its suitable for day wear since it sheers out.  It has a strange smell to it though.  Its like chemically sweet.  Like an artificially sweet Starburst- I still cant tell if I like it or not.
Cherry Ever After on the left and Blush Forever on the right

Cherry Ever After swatch

Blush Forever  swatch

So I put on the Cherry Ever After and took a picture to see how it was wearing and if it would indeed have some lasting power.  

This is the initial application
one hour later
Three hours later

So as you can see, after three hours it was pretty much done for.  I did have a bit of peeling of my lips- which is somewhat normal when you have something on your lips for that long.  My lips weren't stained though- which with red is nice.  I ate, drank and was merry!  I wanted to wear it as I normally would.  So does it last 8 hours- nope.  Is it a decent gloss?  Yeah actually.  Not too thick.  Not too sticky.  Decent color payoff.  I'm not running out to buy another one but I will definitely use the ones I bought.  Over all I would give it a B.    I purchased these for $3 at Target.

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