Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color!

OK guys and dolls- its been a while admittedly- I don't have to tell you how insane the summers can be, especially with three kids and a Katy leaving for Romania!  WELL- I got ANOTHER Vox Box compliments of Influenster and I got some fun goodies to share with you!!

FIRST UP! Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color!  I had heard about these magnetic nail polishes and the theory intrigued me.  I have to admit, I'm a bit lazy and typically wont travel to many stores to hunt down nail polish.  When I saw that Sally Hansen was making one, I thought- GREAT!  If I love this, I can get it at Walmart!  They sent me a really pretty metallic silver and black color which as you know is RIGHT up my ally.  I loves me dark, sometimes vampy nail colors.  I was a little worried though because since getting my own gel nail system, I seldom use traditional nail polish.  This effect was so unique I couldnt pass it up for a try though!  

Isnt it cool looking!

Can you see the waves of color?

They sent me a cuticle and hand cream by Sally Hansen too!!

So as you can see- the effect is super cool!  You put on a base coat followed by a thin coat and let dry completely.  You then put a thicker second coat on and IMMEDIATELY hold the cap (which is where the tricky little magnet is hidden) over your nail for 10ish seconds.  When you remove the magnet- voila!  Rippled, waves of color!  

So what is my overall impression??  I LOVED the color, I really liked the effect and it dried somewhat quick for traditional polish.  You can only do one nail at a time because you have to get the magnet on there ASAP.  I actually waited just like 10 seconds to see what would happen.  It still waved but not nearly as crisply or as pronounced.  I would still recommend a base and top coat.  I am TOUGH on my nails so it only lasted about 3 days which is to be expected with traditional polish on me.  I really like it!  Its a really fun thing to spice up boring old manicures! 

OH!!  And I got a sample of the Nails and Cuticles Hand Creme too.  I have the most deathly dry hands and cuticles and so I am ALWAYS in need of a good moisturizer.  I really like this as a hand cream.  Its not as thick as I need a cuticle cream to be- but it worked great as a lotion.  It also absorbed pretty well and didn't leave me all greasy!  

Whats your new favorite mani for summer?

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