Nail polish obsessions....

SO... summer is upon us and I have had a change blow through me lately.  I am usually all about BOLD BRIGHT or DARK color.  Jewel tones are typically my go to pallet of choice.  All of a sudden, I find myself interested in pastel, nude and sheer tones.  Weird- huh?!  I am LOVING a sheer white/nude on my fingers and a pastel on my toes.  Right now- I am wearing Essie Limo-scene on my fingers alone.  I imagine that this shade was meant to be worn with a french manicure.  It is a SHEER white nude BARELY pink color.  Online its shown as pink- it is not AT ALL.  Its a sheer white nude.  

On my pedi- I'm wearing Essie Nice is Nice which is a pastel lilac lavender.  Its really quite beautiful.  I am not a purple fan- but I LOVE a lavender.  I tend toward the smokey gray purples but this is not that color at all.  Its a true lavender.  Its really quite lovely on the nail.  

This is my first time using Essie brand polish.  I am usually not a huge fan of traditional polish.  I have been converted to the UV polish world.  I tend not to have the patience for dry time, streaks, smearing.  I decided to try these polishes since I have heard such raving about Essie.  I have heard that they wear AMAZING and never chip and are really true to color. I must admit to you that I purchased both bottles on discount- so I didn't pay the full $7 that they retail for.  I got two for $7 at Ross.  I figured if I would try them out, I would pay less for them.  

The PROs to Essie polish is that it is really true to color and it dries hard and with a great shine- even without a top coat.  I put it on without base and top coat to see how it would wear.  Don't do it.  It wasn't great.  The CONs to Essie are mainly the brush is small and thin and I don't feel like you get optimal coverage which can result in streaky or uneven application.  To get the coverage that you see above, it really does take three coats.  This polish really benefits from a base and top coat.  Once on with base and top coat, I didn't have any chipping.  I had to pit a band aid on one of my fingers and the moisture locked onto the nail caused the whole nail to peel, which I think could happen to any traditional polish.

Personally, I don't HATE Essie polish but the OPI brush is like 1000 times better.  If I could use an OPI brush with the Essie polish, it would be perfect.  I give this 3 out of 5 overall.  You can find Essie at Walmart now for $7 a bottle.  Happy polishing!

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