Must haves to prevent summer meltdown!!

OK, So summer is here and it is HOT!  Whether you live in Florida or California- your weather and consequently- your skin needs will change.  I have deathly dry skin 9 months out of the year and then for a freakish three months, I get an oily T zone and normal skin everywhere else (except under my eyes).  Here is my list of must haves to make it through the summer!

#1- SPF!  I don't care if your moisturizer, your foundation, your powder etc has SPF, you NEED to wear SPF daily!!!  Even if its a cloudy day, you NEED to protect your skin.  A "healthy glow" is not worth looking like a piece of tanned leather in the end.  

#2- The Present by Philosophy.  It is the most AMAZING primer I have ever used.  BAR NONE.  You have to let it set for at least 2 minutes before you put your foundation on or you will have a mess that resembles Elmer's glue.  It evens out texture, it fills the lines and pores and it keeps your makeup LOCKED into place.  *note* it has lavender oil infused in it- so be careful if you are sensitive to it.

#3- Foundation in the correct formula.  I cant tell you how overlooked this is.  If you have oily skin and you are putting a formula on your face that is made for dry skin- it will never set and you will instantly have an oily mess on your hands.  My go to foundation is Revlon's ColorStay and every color comes in both a Dry and and Oily formula.  Be SURE to check and don't be afraid to buy both formulas.  The weather changing isn't the only thing that can change your oil production.  Sometimes just the time of the month can ramp up how oily your skin is.  

#4- Setting Spray.  I LOVE De-Slick by Urban Decay (by Skindinavia)  If you have oily skin, this stuff will keep your makeup set and prevent the meltdown effect.  For added staying power, spray it on under AND over your foundation.  For a cheaper version- try the ELF setting spray.  Not as amazing as Urban Decay but its a fraction of the price and its great if you are just trying setting sprays for the first time.

#5- Blotting Papers.  Remember those tissue paper things that came out in the 90's that you are supposed to use to remove excess oil?  They are back and really quite helpful.  They really do remove the oil without shifting and smearing your makeup around.  They also wont cake up like adding layer after layer of powder will.  Even if you just use them on your T-zone and then touch up with powder- you will see far less mess and a more natural effect.  

#6- Translucent Powder.  Duh- right?!  This is the tried and true thing that every woman has as a touch up in her purse.  Just refrain from putting too much on too often or over super oily skin or you will look like a pancake face.  Oh, and use a travel Kabuki or similar brush rather than those powder puff things. They sop up the oil but then they breed bacteria.  

And there you have it- your Summer Survival kit!  What is your favorite Summer product?

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