Revlon haul!

Ok, I am REALLY excited about all the new Revlon stuff that is coming out.  Revlon has REALLY stepped up their game in my eyes and really is becoming one of my GO TO brands.  I have LOVED their Color Stay Foundation in my Pro kit for years BUT- I have dry skin.  The original Color Stay is awesome for oily or combination skin- yucky for dry skin.  Revlon just produced a Color Stay for DRY SKIN!   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  Seriously- I love it better than Mac Studio Fix liquid foundation.  It runs about $10 at Walmart and it's my Holy Grail, go to foundation.  

So when I hear that they are coming out with a Photo Ready line- my heart skips a beat.  The hot thing right now is foundation that is good under HD photography.  HD photography is NOT forgiving.  Seriously- ever watch the news under HD and realize how different they look?  Yeah, not forgiving at all.  If anything- it can accentuate things you don't want accentuated.  SO- cosmetic companies have been more than happy to find a formula that gives you that airbrushed, flawless finish that you NEED under HD.  My favorite HD formula is Make Up For Ever HD.  The only thing that sucks is that I have to refinance my house to afford it.  It's $40 a bottle.  Yup- $40!  That's more than a box of Huggies Diapers at Costco!

I went to Walmart to pick up a bottle of this Revlon Photo Ready and guess what- SOLD OUT.  I went to Walgreens, SOLD OUT.  I went to Smiths (Kroger) SOLD OUT.  This stuff was HARD to find.  I ended up getting it from Ulta for BOGO 1/2 off- so I picked up the foundation AND the finishing powder.  

I got the color Shell since I am a fair olive toned beige

I can already tell you, I'm THRILLED with the packaging of the liquid foundation.  A PUMP!  That is the thing I have been wishing and hoping and praying for with the Color Stay foundation.  (Color Stay you have to pour out and I always get worried about bacteria growth)  The packaging for the powder is not my favorite.  I like that there is a clear lid so you can see what color you are grabbing, but the mirror inside is TINY!!  You need to see your FACE when you are putting on powder and a mirror barely the size of your lips does not suffice.  It also has one of those dumb brushes.  Those are HORRIBLE.  I wish cosmetic companies would just save their money and quit putting them in their packaging.  

I swatched these on my hand as I already have my "face on" (I sound like my mother) for the day.  I was a bit surprised with the fact that the droplet I put on my hand seemed a little watery.  Once I started to blend though, it was really nice and velvety smooth.  It also has a dewier finish than the Color Stay- so I think it looks more like your SKIN than makeup on your skin.  That's awesome!  

The powder I'm on the fence about.  I will need to wear it for a while to see if I really like it.   Its actually quite comparable to Mac Studio Fix Powder.  It's more a light foundation powder than a setting powder.  I can see this getting cakey throughout the day if you touch up quite a bit.  I personally don't touch up much at all- but that's me.  It definitely gives a really flawless finish on top of the foundation though.  REALLY flawless. You can tell it has some minerals in it too.  It has that nice mineral reflection in the finish.

The other thing that I am completely in LOVE with right now are the Revlon Lip Butters.  I have talked about the new pigmented lip balms in the past- but the Revlon ones are the Cadillac of them all.  20 shades and in my opinion best hydration and all around best product.  My favorite day to day is the Pink Parfait.  Its ALWAYS in my purse/diaper bag.  This one is another tough find.  I went to three places looking for this shade before I found it at Target.  

Do you have a product that is tough to track down and that you hunt for?  What is your go-to foundation?

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