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OK, so I did something tonight that I don't do.  I just dont do it.  I did it for you.  Yes, you.  Sitting here reading these words right now.  I. washed. my. hair.  Yup- I used shampoo.  *shiver*  OK, now that the dramatics are out of the way, let me explain.  I promised myself that I would try things outside of my comfort zone and give an honest opinion for my blog- For you.  I don't want to be recommending things just willy nilly.  I really truly believe in the stuff that I recommend.  SO- I received some trials in a package this week and one of them was for the L'Oreal Ever Sleek system.  I received shampoo, conditioner and the leave in.  

As I have explained before- I am in the midst of the grow out process.  I think I have about two more years left.  Because I am growing my hair out, I am avoiding using heat products as much as possible to reduce damage.  I have totally wavy hair that I have learned to embrace and love.  I have learned what works best for me to have the waves I want and to have the moisture that I need.  I don't shampoo my hair.  Ever.  I adhere to the Curly Girl Method pretty diligently.  I have a post all about that if you are wondering what that is....ANYWAY

I gave the system an honest go of it tonight.  Because I used a system aimed at sleeking out my hair, I blow dried using a 2 inch boar bristle round brush to straighten.  SO- I don't shampoo anymore and I HATE how my hair feels in the shower now when I use shampoo.  This shampoo was no exception.  As I rinsed my hair out, it felt like straw.  Then I used the conditioner.  You can feel how much silicone is in it just by rubbing it in your hands.  I put it on my ends and about 2/3rds the way up my hair.  I left it on for about 5 minutes.

After I rinsed my hair completely out, I used the leave in treatment.  That was the deal breaker for me.  I'm not a big shampoo and conditioner person but this one wasn't all that bad.  The leave in that I put in made my hair feel...coated.  I only put it on the bottom half and you can feel a difference between the top part of my hair and the bottom.  icky....  I don't feel like my hair is any smoother now than it is using my normal routine...just more coated.  I wonder if I would have liked it without the leave in...

It wasn't horrible shampoo and conditioner- actually pretty run of the mill.  Its sulfate free for my colored haired ladies....and its supposed to be very gentle.  If I were to go back to shampoo-ing, I would stay with a sulfate free one since my hair is so dry.  I would take the shampoo and conditioner but bag the leave in.  I really didn't care for it at all.  Over all- I would give it a B- without the leave in, and a C- with the leave in.  I wouldn't rush out and pick up a bottle but if it were on sale I might consider it.  Honestly- I think that there are much better options out there for comparable money....Now how do I wear my hair straight for the next couple days?

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