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A little while back I posted that I really wanted to try out the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Eternal Sunshine.  I saw it swatched online and it is BEAUTIFUL.  I LOVES me some gold...REALLY loves me some gold.  I love the shimmer, the metallic finish- everything- so when I saw this shade I knew it was meant to be mine.  The L'Oreal Infallible shadows are almost IDENTICAL to the Armani Eyes to Kill.  The packaging is the same, the product is the same, the finish is the same- but the price is definitely not the same.  The Armani version runs $32 and the L'Oreal version runs $7.  Here are pictures so you can see-

Armani Eyes to Kill

It is the most BEAUTIFUL finish.  They are velvety and easy to blend, metallic and pigmented.  It is basically a pressed pigment shadow which means it can have some fall out (where you have little pieces all over your face after).  I would suggest using a damp brush and mushing it in the cap until you have a really emulsified texture before you put it on your eye.  These are AWESOME- definitely something I would pick up another 4 or 5 colors...hee hee.  

The other thing that I picked up from L'Oreal was their Color Riche Lip Balm.  There is a new trend right now for you lippies out there.  It's the pigmented lip balms.  I love this idea- especially for spring.  We are all out and about, hiking, swiming, BBQing, and you dont want to wear a heavy lip stick.  The colored lip balms are light, hydrating and protective like a lip balm but they are tinted or pigmented like a gloss or a lip stick.  Best of both worlds!  I love them because you dont have the horrible lip stick lip peelage problem.  You know what I'm talking about- two hours after you put lipstick on, your lips are dry and peeling.  Not with these.  
Caring Coral
Swatched- its very sheer

As you can see- this one isnt super pigmented- I would say its closer to a gloss.  I put it on though- and it is NICE on the lips.  This is one for the purse FOR SURE.  Have you tried any of these fun L'Oreal products?  Which ones did you get? Did you love them or leave them?

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