NYX Haul!!

First of all, may I start off with the fact that I hate the word haul.  Its just some stuff I have but people don't love things titled- "stuff I have".  Anyway....with that aside- NYX!  I know a lot of people are still in the dark about NYX cosmetics.  Time to see the light and get to an Ulta near you.  NYX is awesome.  You really do get high end results with mass market prices.  Today I picked up some NYX stuff and I thought I would share witcha-

I picked up another Cream Blush in Hot Pink (I hit the pan in my last one- time for a refill!), another Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk and a Boudoir  Mascara in Pin Up Tease.  I LOVE their Cream Blushes!  They are AWESOME and SO pigmented!  The Hot Pink is universally flattering and my favorite.  It gives you the most AMAZING flush- "I just got done working out"- look.  take a peek

I also picked up ANOTHER Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  These are on my HOLY GRAIL list.  You know- beauty products that you just cant live without?!  Yeah, these have achieved that status.  I use them as an eye shadow base when using really vibrant colors.  They make the colors POP!  They are also awesome for inner tear duct work- to open the eye.  I'm sure I will post some pictures to come with it featured.  LOVE them.  

The only thing that I was worried about is this mascara.  I got it because it was on for 1/2 off and I have heard great things about NYX mascaras.  I opened it up and right away noticed how globby it is.  Not good.  I put it on OVER my go to L'Oreal Million Lash.  It actually looked good and was pretty easy to work with.  We will have to see what it does on virgin lashes- I will have to let you know what I think down the road.

Have YOU tried NYX?  What are your faves?  

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