5 Random facts....

OK, so there has been so much review-age lately, I thought I would do a little change up.  What are 5 random facts that you may or may not know about me....here we go- and if you have any other random questions- feel free to email me at kristen.parsons@yahoo.com!

Here we GO!

#1- I used to hate nail polish on my hands until I started using Gelish polish at home.  Now I am obsessed with it and its very rare you see me without crazy polish on my fingers.

#2-  I hate buying shoes.  *GASP*  *SHOCK*  *STUNNED*  I have a condition- its called Flinstonefeettanitis.  I have LARGE (size 10) and wide feet and it makes it nearly impossible to find shoes that not only fit, but are semi cute.

#3- My food cant touch on my plate.  It totally grosses me out.  Ick.  Salty with salty and sweet with sweet.  Maple syrup on eggs is a total gross out!

#4- Speaking of food- I could eat my body weight in cheesecake.  No really- I am pretty sure I could do it.  In fact- I'm up to the challenge- anyone want to make me a cheesecake?

#5- My favorite color right now is hot orange.  Not coral- but HOT orange.  Isn't that amazing?  I want to wear it on my face, on my nails, on my shirt, and I want to smell like it too.  Hot orange- bringing back the 80's 1 color palette at a time.

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