JolieBox October Review

This will be my last review of JolieBox because following this month's box, I have unsubscribed.

The past few boxes have been nothing but disappointment, not only with products I just won't use but also because they have started slipping in so called 'luxury' products bearing the own name (last months hair wrap), much like Glossybox shortly before I unsubscribed with hundreds of others from them.

So this month, here is the box:

So, I am sure immediately you can see why I unsubscribed! In Joliebox's defence, one item is missing here- a sachet of a strawberry peel-off face mask which I have used.

So the items that came in the October JolieBox are:
  • Balmi Lip Balm
  • I love...Facemask (not pictured)
  • Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
  • Twistband Hair Tie
  • Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant x2 (one not pictured)
So let's see, we have some lip balm...2 tiny sachets of a face ties...a sachet of a face mask and some hair lotion.

The only item I was happy to see is the Redken hair lotion, and that was purely for the name. The lip balm is nice but I really don't need another strawberry lip balm in my life. The face mask was disgusting to use and even worse to remove. It felt horrible on and frankly I couldn't wait to get it off.
The exfoliant I didn't really feel did anything much,and I don't really consider a hair tie a 'luxury' product like JolieBox promise their subscribers each month.

What did you think of your October JolieBox? Are you happy with your subscription?

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