Two under Two

So we are just over six weeks in to two under two and despite the sleepless nights it seems to be all going swimmingly. The first two weeks I was practically a zombie but the last couple of weeks I have felt a bit more normal as longer stretches of sleep are returning.
Having a second baby is much easier than I thought. The day we brought Honey home I didn't know what had hit me, but by the time baby number two arrived I was already used to never having lie ins and knew my way around a baby a bit more.
So, the newborn bit is a breeze. It's the toddler bit that is a bit more taxing. Having to juggle a little girl who needs constant exercise and entertaining whilst also feeding and soothing a new baby is the tricky part, although we have now settled into a routine, Honey has learnt to play on her own and her confidence has improved enormously. She has learnt to live with the new addition too, who incidentally is the most laid back baby of all time. I have been following Gina Ford, and he seems to have finally fallen into the routine. As long as I feed him roughly every three hours and make sure the day starts at 7am, he magically follows along. I did Gina Ford with Honey and she is the best sleeper imaginable, which is fab as it means I put both babies down to sleep at 12.30pm ish and I can have an hour snooze too, which I can not function without.
We finally bought the very awesome Phil & Teds Explorer double buggy too so I can get out and about with both babies. Although I'm not sure how long the newborn part will last, as the "newborn" is off the chart in height (he went straight into 3-6 month clothing!)
So far having two is a dream, only to get better.

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