Girls of Glee Inspired Makeup

Glee comes back tonight and I am so excited! I am a big fan of the television show! It mixes so many of my favorite things. Darren Criss, Music, Performing. So, in order to hype myself up even more than I already am for the season 4 premier, I decided to do a few makeup looks inspired by the girls of Glee. I decided to do makeup look inspired by Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray and Tina Cohen-Chang. Now, Keep in mind that these looks are not meant to look exactly like the makeup worn by the characters. They simply inspired the looks.

For these looks I decided to use 3 of the Beauty on the Go palettes from Eyes lips face. I love these palettes! You can pop the different palettes into and out of the carrying cases so you can easily and quickly toss them into your purse on the way out the door. Such a cool premise!

For the Rachel Berry inspired look, I went super super natural. Rachel never wears a ton of makeup. In fact, if anything, it's just mascara and a little bit of lip color. So for her look, I went with the Tuscany Retreat palette. This is a beautiful palette. It's got purples and browns and a couple of darker shades. But, for the Rachel look, i went with two of the more neutral shades. First I primed my lid with the Elf eyelid primer to make my shadow last all day. Then, I put the lightest Matte shade all over the lid and under the brow for a nice matte brow bone highlight. Then, I took the matte brown in the palette and very lightly traced out my crease, and brought the tiniest amount along the lower lash line. After that, I curled my lashes, and to get those Rachel Berry voluminous, separated eyelashes, I used two coats of Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara in Brown Black.

For the face, Rachel has flawless skin. I do not, however have flawless skin. But I wanted the look to be quite natural and dewy. So I used Elf's tinted moisturizer in Nude. Then, I took the peachy nude blush from the Tuscany Retreat palette and dusted it lightly over my cheeks. I finished off the look with the lighter of the two lip colors in the palette.

Rachel Berry Inspired Makeup

For Quinn's look, I wanted something pretty and pink. I was inspired by the makeup hat Quinn had a lot in the first Season. Think Cheerio Quinn, before she got pregnant. So I went with the Day at the Beach Palette. This palette has a ton of neutral shades, and a pretty pink blush that just screamed Quinn to me! Now, Quinn doesn't wear a ton of makeup either, but she's less conservative than Rachel. So for this Quinn inspired look, I first primed my lids with the Elf eyelid primer. Then I took the shimmery cream color and put that all over my lid. I took the shimmery medium brown in the palette and placed that in my outer corner to give the eyes some dimension. Then I took the deep matte brown and placed a small amount of that in the crease of the eye. I used the Matte cream color as my brow highlight. Then, for an awake look, I took a white eyeliner and blended a bit of it along the inner corner of my eye. Next, I lined super close to my upper lash line using the Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Coffee. I finished off the eyes with a bit of the Maybelline Falsies Mascara. Quinn has super long lashes, and I think this mascara is perfect for this look.

For my skin, I used the same tinted moisturizer as I did for the Rachel look. I used a bit of NYC liquid concealer under my eyes to brighten up that area. Then, I applied the pretty pink blush from the day at the beach palette. On my lips, I used the brighter pink from the palette, and topped it off with the Elf luscious liquid lipstick in Nude pink.

Quinn Fabray inspired Makeup

Lastly, I wanted to do a look inspired by Tina Cohen-Chang. I LOVE Tina's character. I was especially inspired by her makeup in Season 1 and 2. Very bright, and in your face. unfortunately, the colors that Tina normally would wear don't exactly look good on me. So this makeup look is the most loosely inspired look of the three. I decided to create a look that would be more appropriate for night. Dark eyeshadow, and winger liner. So I went with the Night on the Town Palette. This palette is perfect for a dark night look or a smokey eye. Lots of blacks and greys and a few neutral tones as well. For this Tina inspired look I first primed my eyes with the Elf eyelid primer (are you noticing a trend here? I LOEV the elf eyelid primer. It really helps the eyeshadow to stick and last all day. Then, I went into the light shimmer grey of the palette and put that all over the lid. I went with the dark matte grey for my crease and to darken up the outer corner of the eye. I took the tiniest amount of the matte black and darkened up the outer corner even furthur. I took the matte white shade and placed it under the brow bone for a high light and blended it really well. Then, to warm up the look a little bit I took the neutral cream color and placed that at my brown bone as well, and also in my inner corner. Then, using Elf's cream eyeliner in black, I lined the eyes and winged out the liner. Winged eyeliner is very Tina-esque, I think don't you? I curled my eyes lashes and again used Maybelline the Falsies mascara. This mascara can be hard to work with. It clumps like crazy on me. But this mascara is DRAMA in a tube, so for this look, I worked with it, layering it on for drama drama drama.

For my face I again used the Elf tinted moisturizer in Nude. I powdered the look with a light dusting of Elf HD powder. Then I applied the deep blush from the night on the town palette. I applied it with a very light hand and made sure to blend it really well. This blush is intense! But I love it. For the lips, I used the reddish color from the palette and topped it off with the Elf Luscious liquid lipstick in Ruby Slipper. you can see, from the photo that this makeup is the least like the character's I was inspired by, but I still like it for a dramatic evening look, don't you?

Tina Cohen-Chang Inspired makeup

So that wraps up my three Glee inspired makeup looks. I hope you enjoyed them! Tell me what you think in the comments below. Which look do you like the best? Also tell me if you are as excited about the Season 4 premiere as I am!!

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