Fall Eyeshadow tutorial

I wanted to do an eyeshadow tutorial for the look that I featured in my last outfit/face/nail of the day post. So, I went ahead and filmed me doing it. I talk a lot in the video, and generally make a fool out of my self trying to find products without my glasses, but I decided to upload it anyway, because it's the easiest way for me to show you guys how I created the look. Please be kind if you watch this video. I am aware that I look like a fool. haha.

I should note that I didn't re-create the EXACT look that I featured in the face of the day. When I created that eyeshadow look I used three different eyeshadow palettes to do it, and that was just ridiculous, so I pared it down to one. I used the BH cosmetics 120 colors palette, which I have not given much love lately, and I am very happy with the way that the look turned out. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, or otherwise just enjoy having a laugh at me in this video.

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