How I Fake Tan

When I fake tan, on the rare occasion, I HAVE to make sure I get it right because I am so pale naturally.

So, here's all the gang:

And we have:
  • SPA Exfoliating Gloves
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser
  • Ohh La La Smooth it Up Body Scrub
  • St Moriz Mousse & Mitt
So, the technique (not really a technique!) I use is firstly to have a hot hot shower =) where I use the gloves with the scrub paying particular attention to my knees, elbows, and other dry spots.

After the shower, I use the Cocoa Butter Moisturiser ALLL over, again lots on my knees and elbows.

Once it has dried a bit, I use the mitt (life saver!) to apply the St Moriz Mousse all over. This self tan is AMAZING because it is instant so you can tell what bits you have missed and the mitt is brilliant for blending it in perfectly so not streaks here!

Here is a before and after pic of my lovely arm:

You can get St Moriz from Ebay (loads of sellers) for really cheap, or I have also seen it in most Pound Stores areound the UK.

I normally do this on an evening, smell of biscuits for the next day then shower the next evening. Although, I put it on my face (scary times), look like an oompa loompa over night then wash it off in my normal morning routine.

Oh, and just for laughs, here is a pic of my looking like an oompa loompa doopity doo....

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