Yes To Cucumber Wipes? Trial Review...

I received a box of trial sized goodies in the mail the other day.  It had a mini Suave Flexible hold Hairspray and a mini dry shampoo (which I own the big ones of and I LOVE the minis for my purse!), some L'Oreal Ever Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in, 2 Axe products- one hair pomade and one body spray, a trial of the new L'Oreal Facial Primer and a  Yes To Cucumbers Makeup removing wipes.  I was actually excited to try these wipes.  I used to pack them in my Pro case because they are handy for little messes but I have never removed all my face makeup with them before.  

I just LOVE my Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, and I love my Clairsonic that I use to cleanse with.  I wear waterproof eyeliner a lot of the time and usually two coats of mascara, so if a wipe could remove my eye makeup effectively and not irritate- I'm all over that!  It usually takes me three cotton balls to completely get all the black off my eyes.  So I used one side of the wipe to do my eye makeup and then the other side to remove the face makeup.  After that, I used a cotton ball with my eye makeup remover to see how well everything came off.  If you are sqeemish- don't look.  :)

Eye makeup removed

Eye makeup close up

Face makeup removed

All the extra after the fact...
Well it didn't take all my eye makeup off- but it wasn't horrible.  My skin felt refreshed but not necessarily clean.  I think these are awesome for travel, purse use and touch ups but as for nightly cleaning- I will stick to my traditional eye makeup remover and cotton ball. 

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