What I regret buying :( *womp womp*

So I thought that I would just let you all know a few products that I regret buying.  Some just weren't as awesome as I was expecting and others were a disaster and completely disappointing.  Here we go-

#1 Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers

So I have used other Cover Girl foundations before and they have been ok.  Not phenomenal, but OK.  So I was perusing and I stumbled across this little guy.  It was 5ish dollars and looked harmless.  Well, maybe I should have thought about it a little more.  AQUA= water= not really awesome coverage or staying power.  Not my thing but if you are a teenager and looking for something light and to last just a few hours, try it out.  I think you can find better products for your money though.

#2 Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

First of all, ALL of their colors are pink based.  ALL OF THEM.  Even their Ivory was REALLY pink.  I have olive/yellow undertone skin but I am pretty fair- so yeah- strike one.  These were really watery, but still managed to sink into wrinkles under my eyes, strike two.  These didn't conceal ANYTHING.  Wait a second, wasn't this called CONCEAL-er??  I'm confused.  These should just be chucked.  NOW.

#3 L'Oreal Souffle Foundation

OK, so I didn't actually buy this one (thank heavens!), I received a sample pack in a mailer.  IT. WAS. HORRIBLE.  First of all, they are REALLY silicone-y.   Just rubbing them on my hand, it was GROSS.  First, when you are rubbing it in, it pills up and makes little balls that are tough to blend in.  Once you get the balls rubbed in, the coverage is spotty- seriously- like a leopard.  You have little dots that are covered and others that aren't.  Third, the color pay off is horrible- and it oxidizes- which means an hour or two later you have an orangier face than you started out with.  PASS, PASS, PASS on this one.

#4 Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour lipstick

So I was REALLY hopeful for this one.  I have big lips.  So I tend to be a "lippy".  I like lip stuff alot.  I HATE touching up your makeup and I hate the mess of traditional lip stick.  Its on my teeth, its on my cups its on my kids....you get the picture.  Well I picked this bad boy up thinking that this would solve all my lippy problemos.  Nope.  first of all, it is SUPER drying.  It comes with a gloss, but I felt like I had to put it on every ten minutes and mush and mush it to get it to absorb.  When you mush so hard, the product pills up and flakes off.  What the ?!  And then there are holes where the product used to live- so you have bare holes of flesh peeking through color?!  Useless. 

It takes a while for me to actually have enough products that I am not crazy about to do these kinds of posts.  I also have a LUST list.  Its products that I am drooling and coveting.  Maybe I should do one of those too.  What are product fails you have encountered?

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