Online Splurge

I would be the first to admit, I LOVE online shopping- no queues, no smelly changing rooms, no shoving or scrapping to get the last sale item in your size. But, in spite of all of this- it is my downfall.

I can spend £50 in the blink of an eye online, because it is a 'virtual basket', right? I am not REALLY buying it..I'll just pop it in with a click of my mouse and forget all about it.
I have spoken to women that have had one glass of wine too many on a weekday night, logged onto River Island and racked up a 'virtual basket' of over £100...then 4 days later a package arrives and they are shocked to see what they spent their hard earned money on.

There needs to be some kind of 'Are you Drunk?' or a 'Do you actually have any money?' button before you can click 'Confirm Order', just for women like me.

So...this post does have a reason- last night, after 2 glasses of delicious red wine, I logged on and bought:

A maxi skirt, a cropped top, a ring, lipsticks, a lip liner (I have never worn lip liner), an eyebrow pencil, a pressed powder, various make-up brushes, nail varnishes, false eyelashes, a blusher, 2 eyeshadow palettes...and that's just what I can remember popping into my Mary Poppins virtual basket.

So...although this will make for one awesome haul video on YouTube, I can't help but wish that there was some kind of warning for drunken ladies looking for an online fix at midnight on a Tuesday night...but hey ho...I will of course enjoy my items, even if my bank balance says otherwise.

Do you ever have online splurges like me?

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