MUA Cosmetics Haul & Review

I have loved MUA since I first discovered the brand a year or so ago. They are affordable, good quality and have a large variety of products to choose from.
Only available in Superdrug, I struggle to find many of the shades etc in store, however online they have every colour of the spectrum for you to choose from.
So when MUA received 25,000 likes on their Facebook page, they offered their fans 25% and FREE delivery if you spend £10 or more on their website.

So, of course, I could not resist!

I don't think I can lie by saying their postage was fast and their customer service was a nutshell, my experience was all a bit of a disappointment. I placed my order on the 4th August, and received an email on the 8th to say it had been dispatched. So..I waited...and waited...but by the 16th I was a tad fed up with seeing everyone on Twitter posting their photos of their deliveries, so I emailed MUA.

I got a response 2 days later to say the reason I had not received my package yet was because one of the lipsticks I had ordered (Bare) was not in stock and they were waiting to see if they would get it in. As they had not yet, they were going to send my package out tomorrow.

So...firstly, they had LIED when I had been told my products had been delivered on the 8th, and secondly they had not even bothered to let me know what was happening.

Saying all of that...when I did finally get my delivery, here is what I thought of the products...

I ordered:
  • Lipstick in Shade 4
  • False Eyelashes in 'Flair'
  • Primer
  • Nail Varnish in 'U Rok' 
First up is the Lipstick in Shade 4:
Price: £1
Where you can buy it:
What I think: When I first opened this and saw the colour I thought it was FAR too bright for me- neon almost. However, when I popped it on my lips, and as you can see from my swatch, it is quite light and it is very transparent, which I actually like.
It really reminds me of the Loreal Colour Rouge Lipsticks because it is very moisturising and this means it just adds a hint of colour and it is really flattering on the lips.
It doesn't last as long as I would like, but for £1 who can complain really?!

False Eyelashes in 'Flair':
Price: £2
Where you can buy it:
What I think: I was so excited to try these as I have never really been one for false lashes but have recently become more and more interested in trying them. And so, for £2, even if it went horribly wrong, it wouldn't have broken the bank!
These were FAIRLY easy to apply (I am a beginner!), however I don't rate the glue that comes with it much- luckily I had some from the SheSaidBeauty Launch a few days ago, (see my blog post here), so I used that.
Once on (it did take a while!), they looked really natural and felt quite natural too. I did get comments saying my lashes looked really long, and I had to explain they were false- which was nice and proves that they aren't too much for daytime either!
I will definitely be re-using these and think the price is excellent!

Price: £4
Where you can buy it:
What I think: Firstly, I was surprised at the price of this one- comparing it to other MUA products, it was at the pricey end of the spectrum, but compared to most other brands, still very cheap.
The consistency is not that appealing- quite 'bitty'  and watery, but the application is very good. It isn't as good as the Benefit POREfessional (mentioned in my Primer Wars Blog here), but then, for £4, what do you expect? It is good for my oily skin, and did feel lovely once applied.
All in all, it will be used and I do not regret buying it, but I definitely think there are better affordable primers out there such as the Rimmel London Primer PRO.

Nail Varnish in 'U Rok':
Price: £2
Where you can buy it:
What I think: I had been wanting to purchase this nail varnish for AGES but just could not find the shade in any of my local Superdrugs, so I used this offer to finally get my hands on it!
The colour is lovely and I absolutely adore the Love Hearts packaging. Cheap and cheerful is completely what this is- I painted my nails on Friday is now Sunday and I have many chips already. But hey, the colour is lovely so a few touch ups may be needed but it's not the end of the world!
In the photo I  have 2 coats on by the way :)

So, all in all, my experience with MUA was not brilliant, but it has not put me off, and they did apologise on their Facebook page as they were a bit overwhelmed with the orderes this offer produced. Saying that it would have been nice for a reply to my email as I never actually received one.
It has not put me off MUA as a brand, and I will certainly be using their online store again- but perhaps next time I won't expect my products to get to me when MUA say they will.

Have you ordered anything from the MUA website recently?

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